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Christmas and payday

December 21st, 2007 at 08:27 am

So, today is payday. Hubby's check was already direct deposited and my 1/2 mortgage payment has been deducted. (I pay every other Friday which creates one extra payment per year toward principal.) I will get my check deposited today then I have a dividend check that should arrive today. I might possibly get a Christmas bonus check also (I got $500 last year, but it depends on how well the company has done this year--hopefully I will get one but I am not going to totally count on it.)

We have several gifts left to buy--we just have not had the time. We are more than half done and have done well with the Christmas budget. We never over-spend on our 2 kids and my hubby and I do not buy for each other. His parents are deceased and he is an only child, and my family draws names (so we will have 2 people to buy for). The only other gifts we buy are for the neice and nephews. We usually do pretty well on the budget at Christmas because there is not a ton on our list. We should be able to knock this out tomorrow.

I have to sit down and figure bills tonight and then make my grocery list--the Christmas Meal with my family is at my house this year. We are doing a brunch--everyone brings a dish and we will do the main dishes. Should be fun. I want to try to get a gingerbread house kit for the kids to do as an activity, but I will need to see what I can get on sale.

1 Responses to “Christmas and payday”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    My kids make "gingerbread" houses out of graham crackers and almond bark. The icing never holds the house together and they get so frustrated. So I melt almond bark and they use that for the "glue".

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